Alan Thrall – How to Train

Alan Thrall is the owner of Untamed Strength. His love for strength training started at a very young age and his unquenchable desire to always learn more has lead him to pursue his passion of helping others experience the fulfillment of getting stronger inside the gym and in their day to day lives. To learn more about Alan’s methodology, beliefs, and teaching style, check out his YouTube channel:

How To Deadlift

Paused Deadlift

The Block / Rack Pull

STOP deadlifting until you learn how to do THIS – How To: Romanian DL

How to Power Clean

How To Squat

How to Front Squat

The Paused Squat

How To Snatch

How To Press (Overhead…)

Pin Press

How To Push Press / Power Jerk / Split Jerk

How To Barbell Row

How to Bench Press

How To Warm-Up


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