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Critical Bench Program 2.0 by Mike Westerdal

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Best selling and newly revised Critical Bench Program 2.0 is a Power Building “bench specialization” program which will help you increase your bench press by up to 50 pounds in 10 weeks while packing on muscle in the process. It includes exercise descriptions, training parameters, motivation and everything you need to support you in crushing your goals. Plus, you’ll receive over 80 Workout Charts – Customized Training Logs 100-500 LBS, video with fundamentals of the bench press – Bench Press Fundamentals Online DVD, crucial deload routine – The Critical Deload Routine, interviews with the World’s greatest powerlifters, bodybuilders, strength athletes, and fighters –  Critical Conversations With Elite Iron Warriors, how to perform all the exercises guide – Critical Exercise Guide, and the most popular muscle building and strength gaining supplement guide – In-Depth Report On Creatine’s Usage In Sports.

Critical Bench Program 2.0 by Mike Westerdal

The creator of this powerful program is Mike Westerdal. An amateur APF and APA federation powerlifter and certificate American Council on Exercise personal trainer, Mike has changed his body from skinny guy to a strong and muscular man. Getting this program, you are “picking the brain” of a master, which can save you many years of “trial and error” in training methods which usually end in frustration and giving up.

Powerbuilding? Is this strength training or bodybuilding program?

That is an important and silly question at the same time. The reason is that building strength and muscle go hand in hand if you are a natural trainee. There are lots of myths about how you can build your physique in the fitness world. The simple and hardcore truth is that you cannot build the significant amount of muscle if you a weak. Many “experts” try to sell you that 90% of building muscle is nutrition so that they can sell you tons of supplements. That is a lie because you need to know how to stimulate your body to grow first. Sure, nutrition is essential, but if you don’t know how to train, you will not see any results.

Powerbuilding is a combination of a powerlifting and bodybuilding training styles. It takes best of both worlds! Your primary focus will be to build up strength on compound movements which is the fastest way to building muscle mass. You will also include some isolation exercises in your routine, but primarily focus is on most productive multijoint lifts. What is Squat for the lower body, that is Bench press for the upper body! If somebody knows how to increase the weight on the Bench press that is the powerlifter.

Be smart when you come to decide who to listen to in today’s sea of information. You do not listen to the so-called expert when he can only bench 200 pounds and have a 15-inch neck. Mike can do raw reps on the bench with 405 pounds for five reps and has documented personal record of 630 pounds in equipped competition bench press. Is that qualifies him as a teacher of strength? Most likely.

50 pounds in 12 weeks?

There is no need to be skeptical when you see that kind of claims. Sure, it is a bit marketing hype, but it can be done. A dedicated beginner can put a lot of muscle if he is on the right training program, spot on nutrition and excellent recovery plan. In the other hand, the ones with poor genetics will probably not be so successful even if all other parameters are spot on, but also the 20 pounds is a significant gain. If you have good genetics then even 50 pounds can be achievable. That is very much possible for a serious beginner. It is called “newbie gains.” The sad thing is that 95% of the people that are going to the gym don’t gain many muscles because they are wasting their time on worthless exercises. There is no such thing as a worthless exercise, but you will not build big legs with leg extensions and chest with chest flys. First, you build the house, and then you paint the walls. Unfortunately, many people do the opposite, they become very proficient in mixing paint, but the walls are not jet built. The key is basic exercises and progressive resistance! Build your Bench press to 300 pounds and you will have strong and muscular upper body! Then you can add some chest flys if you want it. Don’t worry if you think that you can’t eat enough for that much gains. When you start doing sets of 3 reps, you will be hungry; you will be very hungry.

What will you learn from this program?

You will learn all basic things that you need to become strong and big. How to have more variety in training, how to progress in your lifts, how to train hard but smart and how to rest and recover from your training. Also, you will learn many tips and clues that can help you, and common mistakes to avoid in your pursuit of strength and muscle. Everything is covered in this program, from stretching, warm up, injury prevention exercises, supplemental exercises, sets, reps, speed, mindset, eating, supplementation and much more. The technique instructions of the exercises are very detailed and simply explained, and will help you even if you never trained before. Overall, this is a great product, and I highly recommend it for beginner and intermediate lifters.

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Old School New Body (The F4X protocol) by Steve and Becky Holman

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It is very much true that after 40 our health tries to go down to the hospital road. Muscles disappear, fat appears! We cannot stop the aging process, but we can significantly slow it down. Why not be fit and healthy one or maybe even two decades more if we can. Many will say: “But you will eventually get old and weak anyway”. It is about the quality of life that you will have! There a people that have 50 years and they feel and look like they have 80. Laziness? Genetics? Stress? Maybe, but not necessary. Misinformation is more likely to be the case. When you think that you are old, and you cannot do anything about it, you surely won’t try. Don’t be afraid; you don’t need to spend two hours in the gym every day.

The most productive way to shape your body, no matter if your goal is to build muscle or lose fat, is the resistance training! F4X or Focus-4 Exercises is a simple and effective program, but it is not easy. It contains four basic multi-joint exercises: Squats, Incline presses, Bent-over rows and Upright rows. Personally, I think that it is a great choice because it covers all your body. It can easily be other combinations like Squats, Dips, Chin-ups and Standing press, or Front Squat, Partial Deadlift, Bench press and Bent-over rows, but it is a valid combination. Some people are not genetically suited for some exercises so different combinations can be helpful. This is basically a moderate bodybuilding method that guys before “steroid era” like Steve Reeves used to get muscular, strong and well-shaped in a natural way. For example, you choose a weight you can lift about 15 reps, and doing four sets of 10 reps each. When you can complete all four sets of 10 reps, you add the weight on the bar.

You rest 35 seconds between sets which gives you building muscle and cardio effect at the same time. Vince Gironda was famous for short rest periods between sets like that. The program requires a bit of discipline and desire to improve your physique and health. There are three different workout plans which focus on different goals. If you want to do the program at home, all you’ll need is an adjustable dumbbells or barbell, and the adjustable bench. It will save you much time than going to the gym if time is an issue.


Steve Holman has written several books and many articles on training and nutrition and was the editor for famous Iron Man magazine. Becky Holman is also a fitness writer, and her success story is popular by implementing methods of F4X programs. They created this program to reveal their secret to others of how they are looking 15 years younger than they actually are.


F4X Lean is more for beginners and people with the minimal amount of time for training. You train three times a week for about 30 minutes each session. Don’t think that is easy because is short. There are four big exercises to handle in those 30 minutes. No chatting with your buddies, no checking your phone, just hard work. F4X Shape is more intense option with also three times per week and 45 minutes per training session. Here the work gets more serious. In F4X Build you go a big step further and add another day to your training. You train four times a week with 60 minutes per training. This workout will maximize your results, but the intensity is high, and many will probably return to F4X Shape program after a couple of weeks. There is also a lot of motivational info and detailed nutrition plans. You also get a couple of audio interviews with well-known fitness gurus when you purchase this course.

Buying the course, you get five gifts that are essentially tips and clues about best foods and supplements that will help you in your journey.

  1. Quick Start Workout Guide – How to start right NOW! This is a short guide with the absolute essentials, and it covers all 3 Phases: LEAN, SHAPE, and BUILD.
  2. Ultimate Fat-Burning Secrets – How to speed fat burning, and what nutrients and foods can get you ripped.
  3. Ultimate Muscle-Building Secrets – How to build more muscle naturally with food which stimulates muscle growth the most.
  4. Ultimate Sex and Anti-Aging Secrets – How to stay young and fresh with many anti-aging natural remedies, clues, and forgotten secrets. Boost your energy and heighten your sex drive.
  5. Ultimate Health & Happiness Secrets – How to improve your mood and release your feel-good hormone.

Old School, New Body is essentially a strength program geared more to 40 + man and woman, but not exclusively. You can implement those strategies even if you are twenty, but the fact is that if you are 20 and men, you just want to train until you drop and eat everything, and care about your health when you get older. That is not a wise decision, but it is what it is. I have noticed that train more than four times a week is counterproductive and potentially harmful to joints and tendons, unless you have ideal recovery and training is your only job, so I recommend people to give this product a try.


The Body Transformation Blueprint by Sean Nalewanyj

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The Body Transformation Blueprint is a training system covering muscle building and fat loss, backed by the latest scientific research together with years of experience of helping others reach their fitness goals. A best selling fitness author Sean Nalewanyj put together a solid piece of product. You got The Body Transformation Blueprint E-Book and 7 bonuses: No-Fail Workout System, No-Fail Meal Plan, No-Fail Supplement Guide, BTB Video Exercise Database, The Body Transformation Cookbook, Progress Tracker Booklet, and 1-on-1 Personal Email Coaching.

The Body Transformation Blueprint E-Book

The program’s main ebook covers the 5 essential components of a results-producing program. Weight Training is the first and most important section for a beginner. You can learn how to lift weights, how muscles grow, about intensity, frequency, volume, and progression, how to select and do exercises, best rep ranges, rep speed, and rest periods. In second section Sean explains how to do cardio. Which one and how to use low and high-intensity cardio, how to warm up, about different cardio exercises, etc. In nutrition chapter, he shows you details on how to structure your diet for optimum results. There is a lot of info on calorie intake, protein, fats, carbohydrates, meal frequency, and much more. In supplementation section, he gives his opinion what are the best supplements and which ones work and which don’t from his experience. The last section is instructions on how to track your progress and how to adjust different parameters to final equation.



The No-Fail Workout System

This is the weight training program including exercises, sets, and reps for each workout, plus a list of possible exercise substitutions so you can easily adapt it to your own specific needs. There are also some useful cardio guidelines, and warm-up routines are included too. The weight training program is broken down into three individual training phases – a full-body routine for beginners, an upper/lower split and a push/pull/leg split. So you can choose whichever of these best suits your current level of experience, and move on as and when you wish. With the full body routine, you will train three times per week. With the upper/lower split, you can train either three or four times per week, depending on your schedule and how well you recover. And with the push/pull/legs split you can train either four or five times per week.

The No-Fail Meal Plan

You get a full 50 carefully structured meal plans ranging from 1200 to 4500 calories per day. There’s a list of food substitutions so you can tailor the plans to your own requirements.

The No-Fail Supplement Guide

Sean claims that the vast majority of supplements are a waste of money, but there are some that will definitely help you achieve your goals. And in this book Sean reveals the few that are scientifically proven to enhance performance, dividing them into Tier 1 and Tier 2 supplements, so you need never waste money on useless pills or powders again.

Video Exercise Database

This bonus is a very helpful for beginners. It’s very important to perform all of your exercises with proper technique if you want to get the best results, as well as avoid muscle imbalances and injury. And this comprehensive online video exercise database will show you exactly how to perform each movement for maximum effectiveness and safety. Over 100 exercises are described and demonstrated here.

The Body Transformation Cookbook

The recipe book with over 50 delicious meal ideas which are easy to prepare and will easily fit into your meal plan. You get the full ingredient lists, nutritional information, and step-by-step instructions.

Progress Tracker Booklet

Excellent tracker with 6 progress tracking booklets that will allow you to keep track of your workouts, nutrition, supplements, 12-week progress, goals and body measurements.

1-On-1 Personal E-mail Coaching

In your first 12 weeks in the program, you’ll be able to ask Sean any question you like about training, diet, supplements or anything else relating to the program, and he’ll answer you personally within 48 hours. It’s very rare to have direct access to the author like this, so I’d encourage you to make the most of it while you can. BTB is said to be “the ultimate science-based, no BS muscle building and fat loss guide and 1-on-1 coaching system.”


This program is designed for absolute beginners to intermediate lifters who are serious about changing their physique. If you’re willing to put in the work this program will work for you, that is for sure. The equipment that you will need if you decide to train at home: squat rack, adjustable bench, an adjustable barbell, pair of adjustable dumbbells, and a pull-up bar.This program has the main focus in progressive overload, so you will need little plates also.

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