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Victor Costa is considered by many one of the Top fitness trainers in the world, Victor’s work has been admired by millions of people all over the world. He has been training for over 20 years.

Victor received an Honorary Lifetime Certification by the International Sports Sciences Association for his long standing contributions to the sport of bodybuilding. Victor began his personal training career working closely with individuals who wanted to change their bodies, lose fat, gain muscle and slim and tone their physiques.

He began competing in the ANBC (American Natural Bodybuilding Commission) and won many shows. He wanted to see how he would stack up against the guys in the magazines, so he competed in the NPC. He won many local NPC shows as well as an overall title. However, as he soared at the local levels, he fell short at the top levels in the NPC. He was always a crowd favorite because they knew he was natural. In fact, they were in awe of his physique even more than the winners of those shows.

Vic explains, “I came off the stage at a top show and a very well known professional bodybuilder grabbed me and said you’re the best I’ve ever seen, so go do some drugs and win”. That was all I needed to hear to get away from those maniacs. I still believe I am the best but I am the best Victor Costa I can be. Titles mean nothing, my trophies are still in my mother’s basement. My goal is to be the best trainer I can be. Knowledge means nothing if you have no one to share it with.

Why do my clients get incredible results fast? Because I was the only guy with a note pad back stage at those contests.

You really don’t need steroids, you can get better and better every day– Naturally.

I developed a 48 inch chest and 18 1/2 inch arms naturally. This is what I do. Please are starting to write articles that I am the best trainer in the world. All I can say is, “I’m trying.”

Vic’s physical training focuses on the enhancement of the body’s natural classic lines, shape and form. He attempts to help men and women move toward physiques that fit into the context of their lifestyles. His techniques are derived from years of experimentation, study and practice. He continues to perfect and define his methods by working with many people with different skill levels: from beginners to advanced, from world class athletes to the developmentally disabled, from the aged to the youth of America.

Victor loves his clients and is grateful for all he has learned from them.

From Victor:

I train individuals, not body parts!

I want to thank you so much for coming to my site.

I am here to help you get in the best shape of your life. Whether you’re an aspiring bodybuilder, or just want to get in shape, or just lose a few pounds, I am sure we can develop a harmonious relationship through my work.

My motto is that I train in individuals not body parts. Meaning, the underlying theme of my work is essentially respect for the body, respect for your body.

I have developed a method of training that is less taxing on the body, more effective, efficient, and all of this means you will get faster results by actually spending less time in the gym. I have developed a method to help you relax every other part of your body with the exception of the part we are training, this leads to focused, effective, results oriented training. I have techniques to help explain how to position the body so it is in best position to receive the benefits of the training. Additionally, I have developed techniques to help you engage specific muscles groups while relaxing others during training. Furthermore, I help you clear the mind of obstacles, limiting thoughts and have worked tirelessly to bring your concepts that you have never heard of before and will never hear again. This is my work, this is what I have to offer you. I guarantee tremendous results.

All of my workouts videos and audios are designed to get you in the best shape of your life. Body and mind are always connected. As you build a balanced, strong, athletic, sleek, defined physique, you will also develop a quiet confidence and social presence.

Years of practice, study and experimentation have proven that it doesn’t matter where you are starting from, these methods work at all skill levels. Beginners to advanced, world class athletes to the developmentally disabled, from youth to the aged, there is always room to advance into better condition. I use motivation, encouragement, education and philosophy and a disciplined approach to make meaningful, lasting changes. Together with my years of experience and proven success as a trainer, and with your intuitive knowledge of your own body we can create exciting changes.

You will not believe what your body is capable of until you work with me.

Thank you for your confidence,
Victor Costa


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